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Can You Help Us by Purchasing Some Of Our Seed Products?

100% of the Profits from the sale of our products go directly to support our project to provide free seeds to the public and also spread the word about the importance of planting seeds and growing organic to help the numbers of pollinators increase.

3 Ways To Help The Bees
& Pollinators!

1. Plant more Wildflowers and Milkweed. 

2. Grow Organic. Use natural alternatives to pesticides. 

3. Tell people about the unusual bee & butterfly die-off and encourage them to plant gardens and use natural ways to control pests and weeds.

Free Wildflower Seed Packet

Send us a self-addressed stamped envelope and we will send it back to you with a free wildflower seed packet, so that you can plant flowers to help the Bees and other pollinators.*

Please send your self-addressed stamped

(use a regular first class .55 cent stamp) envelope to:

Bee Friend Project

​P.O. Box 2947 

Big Bear City, Ca  92314 

*Limit One Offer Per Address

Wildflower Seeds from Bee Friend Project
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